Sunday, November 10, 2013

lincoln's dedication

dear lincoln, 

one of our favorite songs to listen to when you were first born was called, "i get to be the one" by jj heller. our favorite line was, "how so someone so small, hold my heart so tightly? i don't even know you, i love you completely." lincoln tate, daddy and i loved you before we even knew you. and we continue to fall more in love with you each day. we love your big round head and huge gummy smile. we love your chubby knees. we love that you choose to do things on your own terms and we even love your stubbornness. we never understood how much we were missing out on before you arrived. and man, we were missing out. 

you have taught mommy and daddy already, so much about god's love. we now understand a little bit clearer god's love for us, because of how much we love you. we hope and pray that we will be able to show you and teach you about god's love as you grow. 

lincoln-we pray that you will one day seek god passionately and authentically. we pray that you will have a compassionate heart for others. we hope you will have wisdom and a desire to defend the wronged and those who have been over-looked. and most of all, we hope to help you discover your purpose here on earth in helping to redeem god's kingdom. 

most of all, lincoln, daddy and i hope to be faithful examples of god's love for you. we look forward to seeing you grow into the boy, and eventually the man, that god intends you to be. and so, we dedicated you to him this day, whatever his perfect plans may be for your life. 

it took over forty weeks for you to grow in my belly. it took over two days of labor for you to transition into this world, but it only took seconds for you to capture our hearts. we love you. 

mommy & daddy 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

8 months old

lincoln boy,
we celebrated your 8 month birthday last week. and by that i mean that we forced you to sit on your chair (which is nearly impossible now since you want to be on the move) and tried to take your monthly picture we always take. thankfully, we have learned a few tricks to freeze you and make you smile-like singing, "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" or saying, "i'm gonna get you" :)

maybe it's partly the beautiful weather we have had the past month, but your dad and i can't stop saying how much we love this stage you are in. you are really starting to show your very own personality. it's silly and stubborn all wrapped up into one. perfect. YOU.

you are now sleeping through the night which was a huge accomplishment for all of us in the jensen household. it only took 8 months, but you finally got the hang of it and your mama is so proud of you! food continues to be a bit of a struggle, but i know one day you will learn to really love it.  you can't eat mash ups forever, right? we are having you tested for some food allergies since you had a reaction to eggs, and i will do my best to keep you safe from foods that harm you, my sweet boy. you have two adorable bottom teeth which you are learning to chew with.

we have had so much fun this fall, playing with leaves and friends. we have gone to the farm and orchard and pumpkin picking. you also took your first big trip with mom and dad to the baltimore aquarium. you loved the big city and smiled at everyone that passed.

just this week you started saying the sound, "dada." we're not sure if you know what you are saying (we are assuming no) but it is the sweetest sound in the whole world! we love listening to you talk to us-you have so much to say.

you adore your cousin, wyatt. i think this next picture if the perfect description of your relationship. you are always watching him and learning from him. you want to play with what he plays with and say what he says. i know you will forever look up to him and i couldn't have picked a better person for you to look up to. i have a different love for each of you, but it is so intense for both!

thank you for continuing to bring such a crazy amount of joy into our lives, lincoln tate. my favorite part of the day is getting you out of your crib after naps-you kick and kick with a huge grin on your face. and since i hear you stirring, i'm off to get you my smiley boy!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Home Sweet Home

It has been one month since we purchased our first home so I figured it was time for a little house tour now that we are officially settled in :) Jeff and I begin our home search in May. We had our hearts set on a house which fell through. To say we were devastated was an understatement. We had it in our heads that it was the forever home for us, and had already began planning our life there. Several people told us that there is always something better out there, but it was hard to believe. That is, until we saw this house. 

We showed up on a Saturday for a showing-along with dozens of other people. While we were there, so were 3 other young couples checking the house out. We immediately felt discouraged. In this market, houses were selling quickly so we thought we might not have a chance. We put in our best offer. It was accepted. We couldn't believe it-we were homeowners! And not just any home-our dream home. Jeff and I never really wanted a fixer upper. We didn't mind doing a few small projects, but never could have imagined finding a house in West Chester in this great of condition. This house has everything we would have ever wanted in a home plus more. See for yourself...

The first thing we loved about this house was the address: New York Avenue. Jeff grew up in New York so it fit us perfectly :)

Rug: Target. Toy Storage: Ikea. Table Console: Milkhouse Antiques. Shelf: Creekside Antiques.
Wall Color: Nelson Blue, Benjamin Moore

Thankfully we didn't have to buy much furniture from our last apartment to this home. Everything ended up fitting perfectly and we only had to purchase a few rugs and small pieces of furniture (plus a dining room table) to make our home more complete. 

Couch: Ashley Furniture. Chair: Ikea. Rug: Ikea. Clock: Francesca's. Chalkboard: Made it. Ottoman: TJ Max. Lamp: Pier 1. 

Here's a view from the living room looking into the dining room. We love how open and bright the house is! 

Our new dining room table! I mentioned to my sister-in-law that we wanted a zinc top dining room table. The next day she was at the pottery barn outlet (in Long Island) and spotted this beauty. After telling me the deal, we decided we had to buy it. Before we knew it we were renting a trailer and driving 4 hours up to NY to pick this beauty up. It was totally worth it :) 

Table: Pottery Barn outlet. Chairs: Ikea. Dresser: Milkhouse Antiques. Signs: Milkhouse Antiques. Curtains: Target.

Just like my mama, I love teacups. I never admired her collection of tea cups as a child, but I couldn't love them more now and love collecting them myself even more. 

This is a picture from the play area looking into the rest of the house. There are three bedrooms downstairs and one up. Jeff and I will eventually be upstairs, but for now (and until our kids are grown) we will use the downstairs master as ours. 

We love that there is an eat-in kitchen area.  I spent lots of time here trying to convince Lincoln to eat solids (he hates them). 

Our office is probably the room that is least finished right now. We eventually want to get things up on the walls, but at the same time we know this room will in a  few years be another kid's room so we might not work too hard on it. 

Desk: Pottery Barn. Chairs: Urban Outfitters. Rug: Urban Outfitters. Chest: Side of the road find. Small Dresser: Ikea. 

Here is the downstairs master bedroom. It's perfect for us and we love the amount of light. 

Bedding: Urban Outfitters. Headboard: Rustic Revival (Facebook). End Tables: Ikea. Rugs: Ikea. 

Above: Our bathroom. Below: Hall bathroom.

Lincoln's room is up next! It probably looks super similar to the pictures from his nursery in our old place-mostly because it is the exact same. 

Rug: Rugs USA. Crib: Jenny Lind (Amazon). Chair: Babies R Us. Dresser: Ikea. 

These photos are of the upstairs master bedroom and bathroom. We aren't fully unpacked or decorated up here. Right now we are using this space as a guest room and sewing room. Eventually it will be our office to and then later in life, our bedroom. 

Bedding: Urban Outfitters. Furniture: Ikea. 

The three seasons room is my favorite room in the house! Lincoln and Ollie both love it out here so we spend lots of our days sitting on the pallet bed Jeff made. 

Rug: Marshalls. Chairs: Pier 1. Bookshelf: Creekside Antiques. Pillows: Target. 

Over where the chairs are is a fire pit. We have really enjoyed that so far this fall. We were't able to swim much since we moved in at the end of the summer, but are looking forward to putting this pool to good use next summer! 

So there you have it, our home sweet home. We truly couldn't be happier or more thankful for such a wonderful home to raise our family in :)